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Yin Yan

A human being is composed of a Physical Body, an Ethereal Spirit, and a Mind that exists on the fine line between the Spiritual and Physical realms.   The symbol of yin and yang has been underlayed to represent the seemingly opposed, creative polar energies of existence.  The yin and yang symbolize the Physical / Material realm and the Spiritual / Ethereal realm.

The triangle itself is composed of three corners: Spirit, Body, and Mind.  The three sides of the triangle support each other and create the most structurally sound shape in the universe.  Also, the connective sides of the three corners are significant.  From Spirit to Body, there is a transition from the Spiritual to Ethereal realm.  On that dividing line of the yin and yang, sits the Chakras.  Chakras are wheel-like vortices throughout the Body.  They are spirals, and like spirals, come from the depths of infinity to spiral outwards from seemingly nowhere to everywhere.  These power centers within the human body are the areas of Physical manifestation of the Spiritual realm.  Therefore, the Chakras of the human Body connect the Spiritual and Physical realms.

All three parts must be able to work together in unison, Synergy.  Keeping mind body and soul fit and healthy is my goal.